Our commitment

The impact of plastic and microplastics on the environment is a global calamity. In fact, plastic pollution endangers marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems alike, jeopardizing the life and health of a variety of species, including mankind. According to the WWF and other illustrious international environmental organizations, the “classic” throwaway plastic-stemmed cotton buds are among the world’s most polluting products. The data speaks for itself: those tiny light blue plastic sticks add up to 4% of the total waste found on European beaches.

It’s an appalling and frightening situation that demands immediate attention, and an ethical choice. We chose to take action, and commit.

Sustainability unfolds in a thousand ways throughout our offices, buildings, and warehouses highlighting our commitment towards our planet, kindling our enthusiasm, and animating every single step of our production chain.

Using clean renewable raw materials allows us to avoid the discharge of toxic compounds, and help limit overall pollution, and the pioneering equipment we created guarantees low environmental impact. 

The product we daily bring to life is in itself green, biodegradable, and harmless for all living beings and ecosystems. 100% compostable, our paper sticks help reduce the dispersion, scattering, and build-up of plastic waste in the environment.

We chose to commit, comply with provisions maintained by Law 205/2017, and go for low-impact production. We embraced the planet, selected paper and water, and let go of plastic. Forever.

Raw materials

Our paper sticks are created using only three, simple, raw materials: water and paper from virtuous and sustainable production and supply chains. 

Our paper suppliers share our commitment to the environment and prove it every day by ensuring the planting of consumables and optimization of water use through recycling.

Choosing only paper supplied by companies that can count on the endorsement of TUV Austria and are certified OK Compost Home and OK Compost Industrial allows us to provide our customers with a uniquely safe eco-friendly product: 100% compostable, free from heavy metals, non-toxic. 

An environmentally-correct ethically-produced paper stick, made for us, our children and the environment.




Pressing Bio paper sticks are produced using paper from sustainable crops and water purified by reverse osmosis, and free from harmful chemicals, petroleum by-products, and dyes. Produced in full compliance with current European legislation, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable, inoffensive and safe to use for humans, and harmless to the environment.

To further validate our paper sticks’ sustainable qualities, we have applied for the certificate and use of the OK COMPOST mark of conformity issued by TUV Austria. The latter guarantees that the tested products meet the strict requirements sanctioned by the UNI EN 13432 standard.