Pressing BIO produces up to 5,000 high-quality paper sticks per minute, and boxes them immediately following a simple, cutting-edge, low environmental impact production protocol. 

All starts with the paper: we purchase 250 kg reels of pure cellulose and store them in our cool, dry warehouses until they are ready to be used.

Each reel is then placed on the machine, the device is activated and the sheets of paper are automatically wet, rolled, and cut into sticks.

The machine then dries the sticks and finally packages them in cardboard boxes. Each cardboard box contains 34,000 sticks and weighs about 10 kg. 

We never seal boxes without checking: we always carry out visual and instrumental quality control before closing them.

The cardboard boxes are then stacked on wooden pallets of 80x120x135 cm (holding 74 boxes) or 110x120x140 cm. (holding 94 boxes).


Highly functional custom-built production machinery designed to process paper with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our signature machine has been granted an Italian utility model because it fulfills all the requirements demanded by the Italian Patent Office: absolute novelty, inventive activity, and industrial application. Ideated and developed in-house by our team of experts and engineers, it is an innovative and sustainable machine crafted using the latest cutting-edge technologies. Powered by 10 km long reels of high-quality paper, it cuts it to the desired size and length and wets it with water purified by reverse osmosis. The machine’s gears roll up the wet paper, turning it into 2.5 mm long paper sticks. Finally, the machine proceeds to dry the sticks.


We strive for excellence. Industry 4.0 technologies help us in our daily endeavor by allowing us to ascertain our product’s distinctive features constantly, and hence fine-tune production phases. Specifically, 4.0 provides us with the means to hone product traceability, monitoring weight, moisture, and other criteria relevant to quality control, whilst our product undergoes the single production stages. Analyzing and examining our paper sticks’ weight when dry and when wet, as well as humidity, room temperature, wetting speed, etc. systematically enables us to deliver an outstanding product. Always.