Our product

Paper sticks

Biodegradable, compostable and 100% safe. 

Pressing Bio multipurpose paper sticks are a leading-edge products because they are made with just three, simple, clean raw materials: paper and water. Pure, renewable, high-quality ingredients that we handle with care and process attentively, creating premium paper sticks fitting an extensive, and diverse, range of uses.

Perfect to be transformed into cotton swabs for personal hygiene, cosmetic and domestic purposes, they are also ideal for the confectionary business, that puts them to use as lollipop sticks, for home and automobile fragrance producers, plant nurseries, artists and restorers.

Pressing Bio provides far-sighted companies and discerning entrepreneurs with a sustainable, honest and high-quality solution for their production needs: present-day, perfectly crafted, entirely biodegradable paper sticks, the top choice for yourself, your company, and future generations.

Technical features

  • Weight: 0,33 +/- 6% grammi
  • Average diameter: 2,50 mm +/-0,04 mm
  • Average length: 72,00 mm +/- 0,05 mm
  • Composition: 100% cellulose

Manufactured using innovative sustainable processing techniques, Pressing Bio paper sticks are entirely biodegradable, and 100% free from hazardous chemicals, dyes and petroleum by-products. Plus, unlike sticks made with other materials, they are risk-free and safe for humans and all living beings because they do not split nor splinter, and therefore cannot cause injuries.


Sustainable, easy to handle, recyclable packaging that ensures optimal protection and is easy to maneuver and transport.

We package our paper sticks with the same care and attention we use to produce them, aiming to provide our customers with a perfectly intact product, at once convenient to move and quick to unpack.

That’s why we use practical 8×25,50×80 cardboard boxes and deliver them neatly stacked on eco-friendly wood pallets.

Endeavoring to meet our clients’ different needs, we provide a choice between two sizes:

  • 80x120x135 cm pallet, holding 74 boxes = 2.516.000 | net weight kg. 760 – gross weight kg. 795;
  • 110x120x140 cm pallet, holding 94 boxes = 3.196.000 | net weight kg. 965 – gross weight kg. 1005.

Added value

Competitive Prices

High quality and competitive prices? Yes we can! Because we’re not only meticulous, but deeply committed and very quick. Stamina and a vast network of excellent contacts enable us to comb all markets, European and international, and leave no stone unturned to source the choicest raw materials available. Ascertaining costs and qualitative features, and then carrying out a careful comparative analysis of the quality/price ratios, allows to secure the best at the most advantageous price, and our speedy and efficient production process helps further contain costs.


What our aims are? Satisfying our clients’ expectations, and witnessing the success of the products they create using Pressing Bio paper sticks! Well aware that each business enterprise is unique, each project matchless, and every idea singular and inimitable, we listen to our clients carefully, and strive to meet their diverse requests at best, offering flexible solutions, customized estimates and limited quantity order options.

Fast-Paced Deliveries

Our main assets? Zeal, enthusiasm and an unflinching artisan soul. We believe in our product, bring passion to work every day, and know that there are discerning customers out there who are ready to commit to sustainability and choose quality. Aiming to provide them with the stock they need when they need it, we adopt push manufacturing criteria rather than pull production systems. As a result, we always have large stocks available and ready to be shipped. Immediate availability allows us to make timely deliveries, providing attentive, prompt, top-notch service at all times.


Cotton swabs

Committed to safeguarding the environment and providing safe, non-toxic, high-quality products to promote health and well-being, Pressing Bio manufactures disposable cotton swabs as well as plain paper sticks. Made with pure, clean raw materials from renewable sources, our cotton swabs are ultra-soft, gentle, all-natural, and biodegradable. The ideal swab for adults, children, and babies.


To meet our customers’ distinctive needs, our cotton swabs come in:

  • Rectangular boxes containing 200 or 300 cotton swabs
  • Square boxes containing 200 cotton swabs
  • Round containers containing 100 cotton swabs 
  • “Makeup” boxes, square, containing 80 cotton swabs designed for makeup purposes
  • “Sicur Baby” boxes, square, containing 56 or 72 cotton swabs specifically created for child and baby care


Personal Hygiene