About us

Our mission

Making high-quality, eco-friendly, biodegradable multipurpose paper sticks, to help protect the environment and give future generations a better planet and cleaner oceans.

Pressing Bio s.r.l., a leading Tuscan firm specialized in the production of paper sticks, stems from a dream, and an aspiration: creating a cutting-edge sustainable product to provide companies worldwide with an innovative solution, and have an active role on the safeguarding of the environment and the preservation of precious ecosystems that surround us. 

This ambitious goal is what led our team of technicians, experts and managers to take over a renowned company specialized in the production of plastic sticks for personal hygiene, and transform it into a leading-edge environment-friendly firm

With this aim, and in compliance with Italian legislation and the ban on production and distribution of plastic sticks as sanctioned by art.1 paragraph 345 of Law 205/2017, we decided to embrace the future and move forward. We chose to reconvert the existing facilities and invest in intellectual capital and then employed all our resources to devise, build and fine-tune brand-new machinery designed specifically for the production of paper sticks. Thus, combining our team’s proficiency and long-practiced expertise with an innovative approach and avant-garde system, allowed us to successfully reach our target. Today, Pressing Bio produces ethical, safe, high-quality multipurpose paper sticks, and leads the way to a sustainable future.


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Pressing Bio s.r.l. currently provides a vast range of large and small Italian, European and non-European companies with a first-rate environmentally sound product, helping support a vital shared commitment: producing quality goods with low environmental impact. 

Spain, Romania, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Poland, Brazil, South Korea, Peru and Venezuela are among the nations we most frequently supply. Driven by enthusiasm and passion we aim to expand our presence in Eastern Europe, the United States and Central America, and throughout South America.